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The iconic modular K-Series is the perfect product for you. The unique versatile seat module can be fine tuned to fit your requirements. Whether you require a more stable position or more advanced, the K-Series can be adapted to suit your lifestyle.

Hydro Forming

Hydroforming is a process resulting in a lightweight, rigid and strong structure within the frame. This modern technology offers a unique design of wheelchair.

Customization Options

3 Simple steps and more than 100 design possibilities to make your Küschall wheelchair unique:

1. Frame colour

Select the frame colour from 5 different choices.

Pure white
Azure Blue
Carmine Red
Space Black
Anthracite Grey

2. Decal design

Give your Küschall a personal touch by adding a decal on the frame. 2 options to choose from:


3. Decal colour

Select the decal colour from 8 different choices:

Red Tag
Black Tag
Red Bold
Black Bold
Dark Grey Bold
Light Grey Bold
Blue Bold
Gold Bold


3D Visualizer

Configure your new Küschall to the last detail:

Watch your new Küschall take shape, configure it to the smallest details and have fun, the power is in your hands.

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Technical data

Seat width:

320 – 500 mm in increments of 20 mm

Seat depth:

350 – 525 mm in increments of 25 mm

Knee-to-heel lenght:

290 – 480 mm in increments of 10 mm

Backrest height:

270 – 480 mm in increments of 15 mm

Backrest angle:

74° / 78° / 82° / 86° / 90° / 94°

Seat height:

front: 450 – 520 mm rear: 390 – 490 mm in increments of 10 mm

Frame angle:

75° / 90° V-frame or tapered

Total width:

SW + 170 mm

Total length:

75°: approx. 830 - 1055 mm 90°: approx. 760 - 985 mm

Centre of gravity:

80 mm / 95 mm / 110 mm/ 125 mm / 140 mm

Max. safe slope:

0º / 3º / 6º

Total weight unloaded:

approx. 7.8 kg

Transport weight:

approx. 5.1 kg

Max. user weight:

130 kg



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