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We believe anything is possible when you have the power to achieve it. We want you to live an active life and have the confidence and drive to push through in the face of adversity. We are determined to offer the best solutions. We will Unlimit your world.

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We want to provide you with outstanding products that will keep up with active lives while empowering you to exceed expectations. We believe that wheelchairs are as unique and dynamic as you, and at Küschall we have been working closely with consumers to ensure we develop the right solutions.

Each Küschall chair is customisable and designed to meet your needs. Our chairs are built by experts, designed with passion and produced with cutting‐edge technologies.

We believe Küschall provide the best products for you to live an active life.



Our wheelchairs are designed with your needs in mind. Modern design, cutting-edge technologies, and ergonomics set our chairs apart.


Precision in design and quality. Küschall products guarantee an exceptional experience for each person.

Driving Performance.

Our wheelchairs are renowned for their superior driving performance. Lightweight and energy efficient products created with precision to provide you with a reliable, long-lasting product.


We are committed to creating wheelchairs that enable you to drive your life’s ambitions.

Delivering style, functionality and reliability – building confidence and powering your goals. A Küschall chair can transport you into a life where anything is possible.

We promise to Unlimit Your World.


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