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Küschall Champion is the unique wheelchair that will give you the driving experience of a rigid frame with the convenience of a folding product. It’s the ultimate combination of modern design with proven hybrid performance. The SK (Swiss knife) option will make your Küschall Champion super compact to the size of a backpack, the perfect travel companion for your adventures.

Hydro Forming

Strength, lightness and rigid. The increased rigidity of the hydroformed front frame on the Kuschall Champion enhances your drive performance by improving energy efficiency when propelling, and enables effortless transfers with the ergonomic grip.

Customization Options

3 Simple steps and more than 100 design possibilities to make your Küschall wheelchair unique:

1. Frame colour

Select the frame colour from 5 different choices.

Pure white
Anthracite Grey
Space Black
Carmine Red
Azure Blue

2. Decal design

Give your Küschall a personal touch by adding a decal on the frame. 2 options to choose from:


3. Decal colour

Select the decal colour from 8 different choices:

Red Tag
Black Tag
Light Grey Bold
Gold Bold
Red Bold
Blue Bold
Dark Grey Bold
Black Bold


3D Visualizer

Configure your new Küschall to the last detail:

Watch your new Küschall take shape, configure it to the smallest details and have fun, the power is in your hands.

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Technical data

Seat width:

360 - 480 mm in increments of 20mm

Seat depth:

340 - 480 mm in increments of 20mm

Knee-to-heel lenght:

320 - 500 mm stepless adjustable

Backrest height:

300 - 465 mm in increments of 15mm

Backrest angle:

76º/ 80.5º/ 85º/ 89.5º/ 94º

Seat height:

Front: 450 - 540 mm Rear: 390 - 490 mm

Frame angle:

75º / 90º Straight or tapered

Centre of gravity:

9 positions

Max. safe slope:

0º / 1º/ 3º

Total length:

75º approx. 930mm 90º approx. 830mm

Total width:

SW + 160 - 240 mm

Total width folded:

Approx. 280 - 340 mm

Total weight unloaded:

Approx. 9.2 kg

Transport weight:

Approx. 6.7 kg

Max. user weight:

120 kg



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