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November 05 | 2015

You can do it! – How a young boy motivated the father of küschall wheelchairs

In the next episode of Rainer’s Stories, Rainer tells how a little boy convinced him not to give up while racing the Marathon.

USA, 1991. From history, the Boston Marathon is the world’s number one and most famous annual marathon. In the middle of the action: Rainer Küschall, founder of küschall wheelchairs. At the age of 44, Rainer decided to participate in this great adventure, using his wheelchair.

Everybody should do this once in his life – it’s a great experience.

Rainer Küschall

Marathon is a philosophy – it challenges all the weakness of you.

Rainer Küschall

Three times needed Rainer Küschall for preparing the Marathon. His best time before the wheelchair run was 3 hours. Then, the time was come to change this. The race took place in a thunderstorm that was actually good for him as it cooled him down and he was overtaking people in the pouring rain. The greatest thing for him was actually overtaking some paraplegics. Some of them were so angry when he did that – overtaken by a quadriplegic! They just gave up, took off their gloves and left the track.


Each month a new video will published about Rainer’s fascinating stories that show how küschall was grown up, stay tuned for the next episode!

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