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July 14 | 2016

Rehacare: the backstage

Rehacare, which took place in Düsseldorf from the 6th to the 9th October, was considered a great success, with much on show. Here we take a quick look behind the scenes.

We were delighted at the success of the Rehacare 2010 Exhibition, which took place in Düsseldorf from the 6th – 9th October. A staggering 52,200 people attended the event, made up of industry professionals and people with disabilities, who took the time to visit the 801 exhibitors present at the Exhibition Park.

We’re glad to say that a significant number of this crowd were welcomed at the;küschallstand by our 12küschall-Specialists who happily greeted guests and visitors alike to discuss our products. But here we present another view of Rehacare, giving you a glimpse into our preparations, as we go backstage and reveal what it takes to prepare for a great event such as this.

Monday was the first real day of work, as the set builders began the task of making the showroom ready for the 6th, with the objective of building our stand in just two days! Resembling an ants’ army of busy workers, the first part of the project was to lay the silver and grey flooring. Next it was time to install the huge decorative sign, which hung above the stand. When the first day’s work was finished, Hall 5 of the Düsseldorf Exhibition Park was stamped indelibly with theküschallprint.

Tuesday morning came, and with just one day left to go before the opening there was still a lot of work to be done. With the same unerring motivation as the previous day, the set builders installed the three luminous columns, which had been especially designed for our newK-Series. Meanwhile, other important movers arrived in Germany, namely our 12küschallwheelchairs!

By early evening the ‘official’ working day was almost over, but the walls of the exhibition stand still had to be installed. Work continued late into the night and thanks to our dedicated team of builders, we finally got the chance to stand back and admire the black and grey booth, fully finished, at 02:00 am in the morning. What a team, what an effort, what a stand!

Wednesday, 10:00 a.m., and an excited air of anticipation filled Hall 5 as the Rehacare doors opened to the public. Within just five minutes theküschallstand was swamped with visitors, which is how things remained for the rest of the day…and for the remainder of the exhibition too.

To those that visited us in Düsseldorf, we thank you for the interest shown in our product range and especially our latest models, includingCompact,Ultra-Light,The KSLand of course our new range for 2010, theK-Series. We greatly enjoyed meeting all our customers and guests, and despite the hard work, we are already looking forward to doing it all over again in two years time.

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