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October 11 | 2016

Hiking along the River Aare in Switzerland

Today I would like to take you on a walk along the River Aare. We start our tour in Switzerland’s capital, in Bern. On the Marzili train, the shortest cable railway in Switzerland, we ride from the city centre down to the Marzili district (The rail track is only 105 metres long).

The first leg of our hike begins there. It leads us along the River Aare, upriver to Thun. Soon we reach the Bern Zoological Garden Dählhölzli, and the Elfenau nature reserve. We encounter many protected species of fauna in the Elfenau reserve, such as the Kingfisher, the Crested Newt and the Grass Snake.

Further upstream we reach the Bodenacker ferry, the only ferry between Bern and Thun. The walk takes us through a beautiful river landscape, lined with small biotopes, ponds and far reaching riverside plains and woodlands.