Privacy Policy

Invacare corporation privacy policy

We are glad that you have visited the homepage of Küschall AG. We want to inform you about the full range of what we offer with our current product information and service offers. An important topic for the users of web sites is data security. This also includes the transparent handling of the collection and use of user data that we collect for statistical purposes. In the last resort, we want to be able to further improve what we are offering to you.


The entire contents of the Küschall AG website is protected by copyright (all rights reserved). The downloading or printing out of individual pages and/or parts of the Küschall AG website is permitted, provided neither the copyright note nor any other statutorily protected designations are removed. If you download data or information from the Küschall AG website or otherwise reproduce it, all ownership rights remain with Küschall AG. It is prohibited to reproduce or transmit the Küschall AG website, electronically or in any other way, or modify it, link it, or use the Küschall AG website for public or commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Küschall AG.

Protection of third parties

The Küschall AG website may contain information from outside sources and data from third parties that is protected by copyright or as trademarks. Users of the Küschall AG website shall not violate the protection of these rights. Further use of any information is permissible provided always that the source is stated, but the authorisation of the owner of the relevant rights shall always be obtained in advance.

No guarantee

Küschall AG gives no guarantee that the descriptions of the products and services reproduced here are current or correct, as all these products and services are subject to constant changes. We likewise reserve the right to alter products and services technically or in their pricing at any time and without prior announcement, and also to delete them from our range. Küschall AG accepts no responsibility and gives no guarantee for third parties’ products presented on the Küschall AG website. Küschall AG likewise accepts no responsibility and gives no guarantee for third parties’ content, product, or services shown in the Invacare AG website as links. Küschall AG also refuses to accept any claims for damages in respect of any direct or indirect losses that may be suffered in connection with the use of the Küschall AG website.

No confidential information

Küschall AG treats all information reaching it through the Küschall AG website as “non-confidential” or in other words as common knowledge. All the information reaching Küschall AG here, as well as suggestions, ideas, or concepts, shall be freely available to us. You will be deemed to have accepted this restriction when you transmit such information. Küschall AG is a subsidiary of Invacare Corporation. Please click here to be re-directed to the privacy policy page of Invacare U.S.A.