The Compact attract makes daily tasks really simple. This cross-folding wheelchair is the perfect basic equipment and has an unsurpassed look. Our proven quality is reflected in this wheelchair, and it is the perfect companion for your activities. Ingenious ideas make it compact. Its precision makes it robust.

"All of my favourite wheelchairs have been a Küschall. To me it is not just a means of transportation, but an accessory to my life and an expression on my personality. The perfect balance of amazing looks and functionality with its light weight and fully adjustable structure, there are simply no limits with these chairs."


technical data

  • Seat width (SB):
    360 – 500 mm in increments of 20 mm

  • Seat depth (ST):
    360 – 500 mm
    in increments of 20 mm

  • Seat height (SHv, SHh):
    front: 430 – 520 mm
    rear: 400 – 490 mm
    in increments of 10 mm

  • Backrest height (RH):
    330 – 495 mm
    in increments of 15 mm

  • Knee-to-heel length
    380 – 460 mm
    in increments of 10 mm

  • Backrest angle (RW):

  • Reversing width:
    920 – 1125 mm

  • Max. safe slope: 

  • Total length (GL):
    70°: ca. 985 mm
    90°: ca. 895 mm
    w/out legrest: 690 mm

  • Total width:
    SB +180 mm

  • Total width folded:
    ca. 300 mm

  • Total weight, unloaded:
    ca. 11.3 kg

  • Total weight w/out
    rear wheels: ca. 8.7 kg

  • Max. user weight:
    130 kg

  • Crash Test approved
    Fulfills the requirements of
    ISO 7176-19

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