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The KSL Simply extreme and superlight

With The KSL, we wanted to create something a little out of the ordinary: It is the full küschall experience with the lightest and most dynamic wheelchair we have ever built. To do this, we had to think about every element. Not just to make it lighter and sturdier - but better as well. The result is something more than a wheelchair. It is The KSL.

Advance Experience something different.

The diverse needs of our customers are always foremost in our minds. From the start they have always spurred us on and been an inspiration to us. So we decided to make a better wheelchair, starting from square one. That's why we offer continuously adjustable settings. That's why we have re-invented the seat. That's why we have made the ergonomic adjustment even more tailored. And that's why our wheelchair can, quite simply, do more than any other. It's the küschall Advance. And it's only the beginning.

R33 Inspired technology

When we started developing the R33, we first asked ourselves what goes into making a wheelchair - design, function, target audience. We took it upon ourselves to develop each of these components in the best and most forward-looking way we could. The result was something completely new - different from anything that came before.

K-Series A "no limits" range

As it was, everything with the K-Series was incredibly easy, unique and light. With its broad selection of possible configurations, different materials and the wide range of colours to choose from, the K-Series brings a new dimension to everything you need. And not only is it more versatile. It is a wheelchair that gets you on the move much more easily and efficiently and on an entirely new scale.

K-Series attract In Bewegung

With the K Series attract, we have developed the perfect basis for an exceptional basic package. Our proven quality is reflected in every detail of this wheelchair and makes for a perfect everyday companion. If the materials and the excellent handling feel as if they were made for each other, well, that's because they were.

Champion A rigid foldable wheelchair

When you use the Champion for the first time, you will know you have never been in anything like it. It is the first fixed foldaway wheelchair in the world, and you will feel like a champion. The unbelievable performance makes for an impressive glide over the streets, the likes of which you have never experienced. With one tug, you can fold it up into a small package as every component of the Champion is optimised for performance. And many airlines have already recognised this, and accept the Champion as hand luggage!

Ultra-Light Go anywhere. Do anything.

When it was first released 20 years ago, the Ultra-Light was so light and sturdy that it set a new standard. Since then, it has become even more compact and lightweight. But it has never compromised on toughness. Try it out and right away you'll feel how sturdy it is. The Ultra-Light makes light work of everyday jobs. Everywhere.

Compact Foldable. Functional. Compact.

Handling quality. Functionality. Safety. However you look at it, this wheelchair is in a class of its own. The Compact is incredibly compact, without compromising on handling quality. Every millimetre of the Compact was designed, developed and manufactured taking the most precise specifications into account. The 29 cm folding length makes that perfectly clear. With such a compact wheelchair, the only question really is what size suitcase wouldn't it fit into.

Compact attract Timeless and easy

The Compact attract makes daily tasks really simple. This cross-folding wheelchair is the perfect basic equipment and has an unsurpassed look. Our proven quality is reflected in this wheelchair, and it is the perfect companion for your activities. Ingenious ideas make it compact. Its precision makes it robust.